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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cheetos Minions Banana チートス ミニオンズ バナナ味


My 4 year old has been going through a phase where he loves the minions. He saw the Minions movie and collected the toys from McDonalds. 

Everywhere we look here in Australia there is minions merchandise, so it's hard not to get caught up in the fever. 

So when I saw these Cheetos online, my interest was piqued enough to buy a pack. Cheetos usually come in cheese or other savory flavours. I wondered how banana would taste.

Opening the bag I could see light yellow Cheetos with brown specks. An aroma like a cinnamon candle wafted out. Then I read the top of the bag and it said it is "cinnamon scented banana flavour".

The Cheetos taste buttery at first and then sweet. Then there is a big hit of cinnamon and a very vague taste of banana. Even though this is 'banana flavour', the banana has really been overlooked. This should be called 'cinnamon donut' as it tastes more like that, and the smell reminds me of a car air freshener or a cheap scented candle.

My 4 year old was underwhelmed and told me he didn't want anymore after having only two Cheetos. I had three for this review, my husband had one piece and said he didn't like it. Now we have a mostly full bag going to waste...

A shame really, as it could have been really good. But I guess they better just stick to savory flavours and leave the sweets to a candy maker.

Too marks for trying though.... :)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cheetos Salty Prawn チートスえび塩味


These were in a box of snacks that I bought from napaJapan. It was the last bag of snacks and I pulled it out one Saturday afternoon while we were watching Japanese baseball on TV. 

My son heard the rustle of the pack and came running as he loves savory snacks.

We opened it together and when we put our face in the bag to smell we both immediately withdrew because the smell of prawns was so strong and overwhelming. My husband refused to have any at all based on the smell alone but later relented and had one. His first words were "it's too salty!"

My son had a few and then didn't want anymore which is totally unlike him. So I was left with basically the whole bag of these salty prawn Cheetos, which I have to admit were extremely salty, and even though the smell of prawn was strong, the taste wasn't. There was some sweetness in the Cheetos which downplayed the prawn flavour, but combined with such a great amount of salt, I was soon reaching for a glass of water. 

Two out of three people who love prawn flavoured anything rejected these, so this will give you a good indication of what these Cheetos are about. I thought they were ok but the salt content worried me. They conveniently left off the amount of salt in the nutritional table on the back of the packet. 

After I had eaten a few of these my lips started to burn and tingle which is usually a sign that a product contains MSG. I wouldn't eat them again and you should try them at your own risk. 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Doritos Pizza-La Ham & Cheese Croque Monsieur Pizza ハムとチーズのクロックムッシュピザの味


When I received this bag of Doritos from Jason at napaJapan, I had no idea that Pizza-La was a pizza store in Japan. I asked Yasu and he said he didn't know either. So I looked up the website address on the internet, and sure enough it is. They claim to be the best selling pizza in Japan. Their slogan is "All the taste and toppings you want on a pizza, straight from our oven to your door!"

I've only ever had pizza specially made at restaurants in Japan - namely Pinocchio's in Hokkaido (divine), so I'm not sure how good of a pizza they make. I would love to hear if you have had their pizza and what it was like!

The flavour of the pizza flavoured Doritos is Ham & Cheese Croque Monsieur, which they actually do make and sell in real life. See image below for an image I took of their website. (It's the one on the top left corner).

Opening the bag, I noticed the ratio of air to chips was a little bit higher. A bit disappointed with the amount of content.

The aroma was very nice, probably close to what a pizza place smells like. The chips themselves are corn chips but with tomato flakes, cheese powder, bacon powder, salt, sugar and vegetable oil on them. I could taste the bacon flavour straight away. I was actually expecting it to taste like ham, because it says ham and cheese on the title, but I was surprised to taste the bacon and then see that bacon powder was used. Obviously they think that ham and bacon is interchangeable.

The bacon is very strong at first, but at the end of chewing is when I could taste the cheese. There were hints of tomato and salt after the bacon had died down and then a very strong cheese flavour. I'm not sure exactly what cheese as it doesn't mention the name, but I would say it wasn't mozzarella!

The chips themselves are very crunchy and fresh. Yasu and I ate this together and we happily munched away. We both really liked the flavour and the crispness of the chips but were disappointed at the amount in the packet. Also there are 383 calories in this one 70 gram bag so it's quite high and isn't really worth it in my opinion. Not much bang for your calorie buck here.

I probably wouldn't buy these again. The flavour is great but there is just not enough and the calories are too high anyway.

Brand: Fritolay
Calories per pack: 383
Buy it now at napaJapan

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cheetos x Tirol Coffee Nougat チートすxチロルコーヒヌガー味コーンスナック


This was released as the same time as the Kinako Cheetos x Tirol and is the same kind of thing except with a coffee nougat covering instead of kinako.

The thing that struck me when I opened the packet is it looks like someone did a doo-doo in the bag. Not only is it the right colour, but looks similar in shape too. Did I just gross you out? Do Japanese people not think of these things? Sorry.

Luckily they don't smell too bad, mostly a strong coffee scent. Once again the Cheetos are just plain, not cheese flavour and they are nice and crunchy.

The chocolate nougat coating is quite thin, so the Cheetos peeks through in certain places. I'm not really sure why it's called coffee nougat as there is no real nougat in essence. They probably just made a fancy name to up the interest, but really it is just coffee chocolate on a cheetos.

The coffee flavour is not strong enough, or the chocolate is not thick enough, so after the first bite the chocolate is gone and the plain pretzel is all you can taste. I'm abit disappointed about this one, the Kinako version was definitely much better.

This is not going to satisfy coffee lovers or nougat lovers. Better to buy the Kinako version.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Doritos Men's Taste Wasabi Flavour ドリトス男の堅あげわさび味


I'm not a fan of spicy foods. I don't really consider Wasabi in that category though because it's a flavour that flares up for a few seconds and then goes away, not like when you eat a hot curry that makes your eyes water, your lips tingle and your throat scorch.

I got these from napaJapan, and it's not something I would have tried without prompting, but thankyou NJ for allowing me to try lots of great new flavours :)

Doritos, I love. Wasabi flavour Doritos, scary.

These are said to be thicker than the original Doritos, and when I measured I found it is true. They are pretty much double the thickness.

There is really no great wasabi smell when I open the bag. They smell pretty much like toasted corn chips. Oh okay, this is going to be no big deal I think.

Wrong! I put one on my tongue, wrong move. I get an immediate wasabi hit, and I mean hit! That wasabi is so strong! Luckily for my poor tongue, removal of the corn chip means wasabi flavour dies away, but oh my god, that is hot. The corn chip itself is nice and crunchy, but it's just the wasabi flavour that is way too much for me.

In saying that, my tongue is a coward, but I can say that the flavour is very true to real wasabi, as if I'd spread wasabi paste on a corn chip and eaten it. I get that familiar puff of smoke out my ears.

I couldn't eat more than one of these, and even the first one was in little bites. Yasu though, thoroughly enjoyed these and ate the whole bag in one sitting. Not sure though if that's his "man's taste" or just because he's Japanese...

I would buy these again for Yasu as he loved them. I couldn't stand to eat them again but only because my tongue and strong wasabi flavour don't mix. I think these would be great for a picnic or bbq, and a great snack with beer.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cheetos x Tirol Kinako Mochi Corn Snacks チートスxチロルきなこもちコーンスナック


I am a big fan of Tirol chocolates and also a very big fan of Cheese snacks like Cheetos. I was still surprised though, to see the two had been combined into one snack!

Nevertheless, I am an adventurer. Well, not really, but I force myself to try new things for the sake of my readers...

What this is essentially is a twisty cheetos with kinako mochi chocolate covering. Now, on the packet it looks like quite a thick covering, so I thought it would be equal amounts of cheese to chocolate or even a bit more chocolate than cheese.

However, when I opened the bag I discovered this was not the case. It looks like the cheese stick has been rolled in chocolate and then hung from the washing line to drip dry - leaving a very thin layer of chocolate coating.

That is a bit disappointing.

And while I'm here I just have to mention that picture on the left-hand side of what is supposed to be mochi or a mochi man. It kinda looks abit "manly" to me, or is that just my dirty mind? We have kinako balls on the plate and we have long cheese sticks covered in chocolate.....makes me wonder if a man came up with this packaging idea? Hmph.

Anyway, moving on! Opening the bag up, a smell like an icecream truck tickles my nose. Icecream truck as in the cone and the vanilla soft serve. Don't ask me why, it just smells like that to me!

Most of the sticks are about 2cm long. As I said previously they have a very thin layer of light brown coloured chocolate that feels very waxy. From the outside they smell like vanilla and peanut. Biting in, there is not much flavour at first. I feel the crispy texture and hear the crunch crunch crunch as I chew, but that is all. Then, right at the end as I swallow there is a slightly toasted peanut flavour. It's very light, not too sweet, not too peanut-y, very middle-of-the-road.

Cheese snacks are usually pretty rich I find, so this is very light compared to what I expected.

I tried eating them a different way, as in eating them 3 at a time. This brought out much more of the kinako flavour. It tasted less like peanut and more like toasted kinako.

I tried sucking the chocolate off the stick, and then I got alot of the sweetness from the chocolate, more than the kinako flavour. The stick, to my surprise is quite sweet, but I could not detect any cheese. It was then that I looked at the ingredients and discovered that there wasn't any cheese in these cheetos.

It's just a "raw" cheetos without the cheese flavouring, covered in kinako mochi chocolate. Where is the fun in that I ask you? Here I was looking forward to eating cheese and chocolate and there is no cheese!! Boo Hoo.

In any case, these were ok. I really was disappointed about there being no cheese, but I really like the kinako mochi chocolate on the outside. Pity it wasn't a cheetos shaped kinako mochi chocolate. Besides the crunch crunch there is no real bonus of having the cheetos in the mix.

You can now buy this at napaJapan, where I bought mine. I wouldn't eat them again, because I'm just not a fan of the texture, however the flavour is very good. If they changed it into a chocolate instead of on a cheetos, I would definitely buy it.

Yasu's Rating: These are good, I enjoyed them. I don't care there is no cheese, the flavour suits me fine. I am more interested in the texture and the crunchiness, combined with kinako, a traditional flavour of Japan.

*Yasu's Rating is a new addition to my post and is there to give a Japanese person's perspective on the snacks I review. Sometimes we may differ, and sometimes we will be the same. It may give perspective on why Japanese companies make the products they do.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fritolay Teriyaki Doritos


I really love corn chips, but I'm not a terribly big fan of Doritos, I prefer CC's for their stronger flavour and crunch. I am a big fan of Teriyaki however, so when I saw this bag of Doritos, I couldn't go past them without buying.

Teriyaki is a kind of all-encompassing Japanese flavour. Every Japanese restaurant I've ever been to has had Teriyaki in some form. In Japan however, it's considered more of a home-style Kansai-area dish, and is not commonly found in restaurants.

I was surprised to find a Teriyaki flavoured snack on the Japanese market at all.

On the front of the packet, it states that it is the Japanese flavour that is known all around the world. Teriyaki or 照り焼き in Japanese is a method of cooking by frying or boiling food in a sweet soy sauce marinade.

The front of the packet has a hamburger, but most people identify more with Teriyaki Chicken. These Teriyaki Doritos are more meat based, and actually have meat extract powder as one of the ingredients.

I was shocked when I opened this bag, because only a quarter of the bag has chips! In a 63g bag that's about 16g of chips and 44 grams of air. What you see below is the whole amount of chips that were in the bag.

The smell was very strong when I opened the bag, and it was a very "meaty" smell, with an undertone of barbeque sauce, the kind you put on ribs.

The corn chips themselves are the same size as usual, same colour, but have a light coating of brown and red seasoning. The seasoning is quite sweet, you can taste the soy sauce and mirin, followed by the meatier flavouring.

I find these quite morish. They are good as a savoury snack, and I'm sure these would go down great with a beer. They are quite crunchy, and even though the "meat" flavour is not something I would normally choose to eat, once I got snacking on these I found myself unable to stop.

The sweetness in the seasoning actually comes from Stevia (a sweetener), listed on the back of the pack, along with Sucralose (a zero calorie sugar substitute).

A really different flavour for me, but one I really enjoyed. This just proves I should be more adventurous!