Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kabaya Juicy Cider カバヤ ジュー C サイダー味


I picked up this tube of Juicy thinking it was Ramune flavour, because usually Ramune candy is this same blue colour, but when I got home I realised it's Cider. Never mind, because I like cider anyway.

When I opened the lid it smelled very similar to ramune anyway...very much like lemonade. Usually "cider" means apple, because it comes from "apple cider", but this doesn't smell like apple.

Each tablet is white and has blue and green specks. At first the taste is like soda water with a hint of lemonade, and then it gets sweet. The specks in the tablet are crunchy but don't seem to have much taste. There is a very vague apple flavour, like I'm almost imagining it to be there. The tablet has a slight fizzy effect but I can't work out if it's from the specks or the tablet itself.

These are kind of weird...they don't really taste like cider. More like a distant relative of cider. I think the person who made this was really thinking of Ramune at the time. I can't really say I'm a fan. They leave a funny aftertaste in my mouth too...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Glico Bisco Matcha Milk グリコ ビスコ 抹茶ミルク


Bisco is a brand that has been around since 1933, they're made by Glico, maker of Pocky and other much loved snack brands.

The packaging of Bisco always contains a child, because these biscuits are primarly for children. This is the latest flavour of Bisco - Matcha Milk or green tea and milk.


From the Bisco website, listing the new flavours, strawberry and match milk

Each biscuit is 3.5 cm long and 2 cm wide. It has a layer of green matcha milk cream sandwiched in the middle. The smell of the cream is very strong and very much like matcha. The biscuit is very soft and crunchy and the cream is soft and sweet. The biscuit and cream are a match(a) made in heaven because the matcha is very pronounced and you really get a strong flavour coming through in each chew.

The size of these biscuits means they are great for little hands, but also great for diet control. Each pack contains 5 of these biscuits, and the pack itself is small enough to fit in a lunch box or a zippered part of a backpack or handbag.

I recommend these if you want a small snack or your kiddlywinks like green tea, they're very enjoyable.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tirol Matcha Soy Latte チロル 抹茶ソイらて


Wow, who would have thought to combine Matcha and Soy? I certainly wouldn't have...though I think maybe dairy intolerant people in Japan must already do this.

The colour of this chocolate is absolutely beautiful. It's beautifully layered, just like the Tiramisu Tirol. When I put this chocolate up to my nose, all I could smell was white chocolate, so I wasn't too excited to be honest...thinking it may be a bit of a dud.

But, biting into it there is a wonderful, strong matcha flavour that just gets better and better. There's a jelly layer in the centre that adds bitterness, and the soy cream in the middle adds another dimension. Yum! I have been disappointed with other matcha chocolate in the past when it hasn't had much flavour but this Tirol is just so full of flavour and it's so yum!

I just feel like shouting yum yum Tirol!! yum yum Green Tea!

Snack love also reviewed this flavour, and you can buy it at NapaJapan.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tirol Tiramisu チロルティラミス


I've been sitting on this and another Tirol for a while, and have been meaning to get back to reviewing snacks, but finding the time to actually photograph them and then write a review is really hard with a 4 month old! I've been saying it all along though...but now that hub has a day off work, I finally squared away a couple of hours to sit down and do it!

So here goes. This Tiramisu Tirol has layers, like that of the real dessert. It's an Italian dessert made up of lady fingers dipped in coffee and layered with marscapone cream and cocoa, sometimes flavoured with liqueur too.

The Tirol version smells like coffee and biscuits. It has 3 distinct layers - the chocolate top, a creamy second layer that has a light coating of coffee in between and then the final layer which is a white chocolate. I actually expected some biscuit in there somewhere, but there is none. The creamy second layer is totally yum! It's soft and reminds me of fudge. You really get a sense of coffee, chocolate and cream in here and it's totally yummy! Just sorry I only bought 3 of these...

Snack Love also reveiwed this Tirol, and you can buy it at NapaJapan.