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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Star Do-Dekai Ramen Maple Syrup ベビースタードデカイラーメン・メープルシロップ味

Sorry for the long gap between reviews guys. I didn't mean to leave you hanging in the wind. I started a new diet and was finding it a bit hard to balance snack reviewing and healthy eating but now I think I've found the right balance I'm raring to go, and have lots of interesting snack reviews coming up thanks to napaJapan!

I have a few Maple Syrup flavoured snacks this week - they were released during the Vancouver Olympic Games to tie in with the theme, and should have been reviewed back then but alas I'm a little behind the times.

Today I present you: Baby Star Ramen "big" in Maple Syrup flavour.

I've never had these before but I know they're popular and Yasu also likes them, but I've only seen them in the regular size.

This bag has a strange smell, when I was typing and had it open in front of me, I kept getting a whiff of something that smelled like celery. On closer inspection it was the baby star that I was smelling. Strange! There is no celery powder listed in the ingredients, but I was surprised to see "cake donut mix" in there!! There is also maple syrup from Quebec, so at least we know it is authentic maple syrup.

Baby Star is basically a snack that is made to look like ramen. It is a golden colour, thin and in a wiggly shape. This "dekai" ramen is flatter and wider, and reminds me of pasta more than a noodle, though it is imprinted with vertical lines that are making it look like it is clumps of noodles stuck together, perhaps.

They have a wonderful smell of waffles, and it's kind of like walking past a waffle house when I hold one up to my nose. They are crunchy and have a wonderful buttery flavour. There is only a slight flavour of maple syrup on each piece but if you eat more than one at a time, or keep eating them one after the other, the flavour really builds up into a rich maple syrup experience. This is kind of a crunchy pancake with maple syrup, cheaper and easier than making the real thing, more convenient for portion sizes.

I love this! If you love maple syrup like I do, or if you love pancakes with maple syrup even, then I'm sure you will love these too :) You can buy these now at napaJapan - but hurry only limited stocks left!