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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Echigoseika Cheese Mochi 越後製菓 チーズもち

I recently did a review about Ebi Senbei which is made by Echigoseika, the same company who makes these Cheese Mochi.

If the Ebi Senbei are anything to go by then we thought these should be a hit - and they are!

My son, now nearly 14 months spied the packet and came running thinking it was his ebi senbei but when he saw these he still wanted some.

The cheese mochi are really bright yellow, I mean really "fake" yellow like the cheese on the burgers at McDonalds.

But that's the only thing fake about them! They have such a big crunch when you bite into them and a really soft centre that melts in the mouth. Then there is a really strong cheddar cheese flavour that explodes in the mouth and lingers.

My son is such a fan of these too. He kept coming back wanting more but I had to close the pack and put it away so we didn't eat them all because they are so moorish. I alone could eat the whole pack myself!

If you like cheese, definitely get some!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Echigo Seika Bite Size Prawn Crackers 越後製菓 味の追求 ひとくち 海老せん


I am a big fan of prawn crackers and usually when we have Chinese Take-away I get a big bag of them.

Ebi Senbei are a lot like prawn crackers except they are usually round, thicker and harder. I got a friend to send some senbei (Japanese rice cracker) over for me and in the box she included this pack of bite size ebi senbei with my 11 month old son in mind.

I wasn't sure if he would like them but they were a massive hit and quickly became "his" senbei, in fact he ate the whole pack by himself except for one or two that we sneaked so we could try.

I know why they were so popular, they are the perfect size for his little hands, they have lots of flavour, and a satisfying crunch.

These are adults senbei, not marketed towards children but they seem perfect for the whole family.

The packet contains 60g worth of senbei which is probably around 30 pieces and a packet contains 474 calories.

I'm definitely going to buy more of these, they are just so worth it!!

The manufacturers website is