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Friday, May 7, 2010

Tirol Mix Pack チロル 桃栗三年柿八年


This Tirol mixed pack is named after a proverb. 桃栗三年柿八年 means "it often takes time to bear the fruit of one's actions" or literally "peach and chestnut seeds take three years to bear fruit, plums take eight". This is one of those kinds of phrases like "good things happen to those who wait". When I asked Yasu the meaning he said it was just referring to the peach and chestnut seeds taking 3 years to bear fruit and plums taking 8 and said that the proverb wasn't really very well known and he wouldn't have thought of it if I hadn't of mentioned it.

This has given Tirol an idea for a mixed pack, I suppose. Because the three flavours included in this pack are Peach, Chestnut and Persimmon.

Back middle: Persimmon, Front left: Chestnut, Front right: Peach


Sweet like Peach Fanta, the jelly inside is soft and melts in the mouth easily. The chocolate is quite sweet but it definitely has a lot of peach flavour. I love it.


This has a coffee like flavour at first and then blends seamlessly into a nutty chestnut flavour. The inside is a soft and creamy texture, full bodied flavour and very cool in the mouth. Very sweet at the end though, even more so than the peach, though still enjoyable.


An unsual flavour. The chocolate is a little bit darker than normal. Biting into it there is a big hit of salt and then I notice it has an arare (senbei) inside which provides a big crunch and lots of salt. The chocolate has a sweetness to it that tastes like persimmon and blends well with the saltiness to create a kind of sweet and salty effect. Very original.

I liked all three of these. I think my favourite would have to be the persimmon because it has that crunchy texture and very unusual taste. I like the peach and chestnut about the same.

Ebidebby also reviewed this and you can find hers here.

Brand: Tirol
Calories per bag: 314

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pocky Dessert Mont Blanc Chocolate ポッキーデザートモンブランショコラ


It's been a long time since I've had Pocky, the celebrated snack of the Anime Otaku. In fact, I've never reviewed it on this blog. Funny that, how such well known snacks are overlooked in favour of weird and wacky or more interesting variety snacks. I really should go back and do the tried and true flavours shouldn't I.

This is the last part of a parcel from a very nice friend in Sapporo (Thanks D!), and I have been holding onto it for a while now. I squirrelled it away for a rainy day. The rainy day came and went and I forgot about it, and then when I was cleaning up the front room I found it again. Timely.

This is not an average Pocky, it's part of the Dessert range which is abit more premium than the average Pocky. It's more in line with it's competitor - Fran by Meiji - which is still a pretzel stick snack though it has a thicker coating and more luxurious flavours. It's the Louis Vuitton of the pretzel world.

This box has 4 clear wrapped packs of 3 sticks each. So you basically get 12 sticks in a pack that is big enough to probably house 24. But with Pocky desserts its all about quality not quantity Dahlings.

The pretzel stick looks like it is double the size of a regular stick, about half of a centimetre thick. It is then covered in a thick layer of regular milk chocolate, and then layered with a light brown coloured white chocolate in a kind of spiral fashion.

This flavour is Mont Blanc, inspired by the French dessert of the same name that is a cake or tart made of pureed chestnuts and whipped cream, sometimes on a meringue base. So basically we have a chestnut dessert on a stick. The light brown coating on the outside is very similar to the coating on a real Mont Blanc dessert and represents the chestnut flavour.

To me, the chocolate on the outside smells like coffee more than anything else. The light brown chocolate has a slight chestnut flavour by itself but when it is sucked off the stick together with the milk chocolate is when the roasted nut taste starts to emerge.

The pretzel is nice and crunchy, and the two flavours of chocolate merge well together, but I still get that sense of coffee underneath the chestnut flavour. The texture of the chocolate is smooth and is mousse-like.

This Pocky is special because of it's appearance. The flavour is not as luxurious as I thought it would be but nevetherless it is rich and creamy and a really great chocolate snack. I like the individual packs inside the box because I can put one in Yasu's bento and have one myself without the rest of the pack going stale.

If you want to try these you can buy them now at napaJapan.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Crunky Roasted Chestnut クランキー和栗

As it's now coming into Autum in Japan the Japanese confectionary makers have been releasing snacks to cater to Autumn tastes. A snack that is popular in cool seasons is Waguri or roasted chestnuts, so it's no surprise that Crunky have rolled it out as their latest flavour.

The thing I find disconcerting about Crunky from the start is that the bar itself is so thin. There's literally only rice crispies with a chocolate coating, not the other way around.

The chocolate, when unwrapped, has a strong smell of sweet coffee. It's a coffee-coloured white chocolate that smells so sweet I was afraid to eat it.

See on the back of the bar, it has all the rice crispies, and then some darker dots? Those darker dots are bits of roasted chestnut.

Despite the coffee scent, it doesn't taste like coffee. It does taste like roasted chestnut, it has that roasted flavour, like it has been roasted over the pan for many hours. The rice crispies are quite good in this with the mix of chestnut as they also bring a kind of popcorn taste to the flavour, which ends up being like roasted chestnut, hot popcorn and peanuts.

I really love this! It's got such an interesting mix of flavours, and it really is quite unique. I can image myself eating this while nestled in front of a warm fire with a good book. It's very Autumn-y. But then, I'm eating it in an Australian Spring and it's still really good!

This one is a definitely a keeper.