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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Morinaga Bake Sweet Potato 森永ベイク スイートポテト味

A big thanks to Jen for sending this over to me in a big box of goodies :)

Sweet potato is a seasonal flavour of Japan, usually for Autumn and Winter, and we don't really ever see it related to any sweets or snacks in Western countries. For this reason I was kind of taken aback when I saw the packaging and flavour, but I do like sweet potato, so I thought this would be an interesting review.

Firstly, the packaging does really stand out but it has a lot going on. It has a lot of text and a big W on the front. If you don't read Japanese then you wouldn't know what is going on. But it is saying that it's sweet (as expected), and it has been baked to perfection, like one of those roasted sweet potatoes that street vendors sell.

Inside the packaging there was a black tray containing 10 pieces of Bake separated by a thin divider. 4 pieces on one side and 6 pieces on the other. I'm not sure why they were separated like that, there seems to be no real reason why.

There were a lot of crumbs in the black tray and I guess while making it's way to me in the parcel it was bashed around a fair bit. The piece of Bake is quite crumbly though, and even picking it up crumbs fall off the side.

The Bake pieces smell very sweet and there is a scent of sweet potato but also an odd smell...I just can't put my finger on it. It's crunchy on the outside and soft and cake-like on the inside. What I wasn't expecting was such a high level of sweetness. It tastes only of screamingly sweet cake with a hint of fake sweet potato. Oh, this is bad. Sorry, but it's so so bad. 

I love the crumble and the softness of the cake inside, but the taste is horrible. They have tried too hard and delivered the "sweet" part of the potato way too much. This is an odd tasting snack and you will need a big glass of water after eating a couple of these.

I would recommend avoiding these altogether.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bourbon Milk Coffee Roll Cake ふわまき ミルクコーヒーケーキ


I have another Fuwamaki cake to try! Last time I reviewed the milk roll cake by the same company and Yasu and I both really loved it.

This one is the same deal, except it's milk coffee flavour. The outside is predominately light brown with white spots and it has two types of cream inside - coffee cream and milk cream.

The sponge cake is beautiful and soft like a cloud pillow, the same as last time. The brown coloured sponge tastes like chocolate and the white dots taste like milk. The coffee flavour comes from the coffee cream inside the roll cake.

This is so beautifully fresh - how do they do it? It could have been baked fresh this morning, that is how soft it is. The cream is so fluffy and light and full of flavour.

What can I say but that this is divine? Seriously. Go buy one! or two... or maybe three!

Brand: Bourbon
Calories per pack: 180

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bourbon Milk Roll Cake ふわまき ミルクケーキ


I'm a big fan of roll-cake. Especially the roll-cake from Japan. It tends to be very soft and moist, with a light fluffy cream in the middle.

This roll-cake from Bourbon is no exception. When I was a kid, when my mum made sandwiches for me she used to cut off all the crusts, and then I used to pound it down so it was really flat. This roll-cake reminds me of that because it has a similar texture to flattened white bread that has just been baked. It is perfect.

The cream inside is combined from two types of cream. It doesn't say exactly which types of cream on the packet, but it does say it has butter, full cream milk, raw cream, and cream powder. The cream has been whipped and is light and fluffy - hence the "fuwa" part of "fuwamaki" on the pack. "Fuwa" meaning fluffy and "maki" meaning roll, literally "fluffy roll".

The roll cake has the scent of vanilla and it looks like a cow. Not in shape, but in colour - it has the pattern of a dairy cow on the outside - white with dark brown spots. The brown parts have a slightly bitter cocoa flavour. The cake is soft to eat and the fluffiness of the cream goes with it perfectly. The cream tastes very milky, so in all it's a party of vanilla and cream in my mouth.

I shared this with Yasu and we both really enjoyed it, but it was over too soon! Wish I had more of these... I definitely recommend trying it!

Brand: Bourbon
Calories per pack: 179

Friday, October 16, 2009

Morinaga Mango Milk Kyorochan Cake マンゴーミルクケーキ


When I was in Japan a month ago, I began to see Kyorochan - of Chocoball fame - gracing the shelves in the form of cookies and cakes. The cookies and cakes all had one flavour - Mango Milk.

One box will set you back 158 yen, or about $1.50. I viewed the cake as more of a dessert treat than the cookie, so bought the box of cakes.

The box states キョロちゃんが作った, meaning that the cakes were made by Kyorochan. I guess it's another ploy to rope kids into getting their mum's to buy a box!

In true Japanese style, this box contains 6 individually wrapped mini cakes. They are round like cookies but are made from chocolate sponge cake, with a mango milk cream filling.

The cakes really are quite small, but great for portion control. They smell really nice, the mango filling is the most prominent scent when opening the pack. The chocolate sponge is so soft that it crumbles when picked up, you really have to be careful when holding it, and not press too hard.

The chocolate sponge is somewhat bland, there is no real 'chocolate' flavour present, but this is ok for me as I don't like strong chocolate tastes. I really like the soft texture of the sponge though, despite the crumbly texture.

The cream is whipped, like a mousse, so it's very light and fluffy. The taste is really strongly mango, and I think the milk component is in the whip texture because it gives it some creaminess on the end notes.

In all, I really liked these cakes. They are great little snacks for lunchboxes and for on the go, light, and well priced. :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Yamazaki Hokkaido Cheesecake


This was another impulse buy from the supermarket bakery. The image of Hokkaido on the top of the cheesecake just caught my eye. I am not a big fan of cheese but I love cheesecake, how weird is that?

This is one of those cakes that is made by another company, and sealed in plastic for longer shelf life.

The packet says that refridgerating this prior to eating is the best way, so that is what I did.

Upon opening the packet and sniffing, it smells very much like a regular rare cheesecake. The texture is very soft like a light airy cake and can be easily broken off with fingers. There are little bubbles, very tiny, inside showing the 'air-in'.

The taste is very mild, the cheese flavour very underwhelming. I can taste milk, a vague cheese flavour, and a kind of madeira cake taste. This is very much like a madeira cake to me, more than a cheesecake. It is not really very sweet.

As it so happens there is only cheese cream, milk, eggs, and shortening in this cake. So no cream cheese, only cheese cream. Which is what? I couldn't find anything even on google.

As a cake that uses Hokkaido as it's selling point, I am very disappointed. This is a really unworthy representation of the beautiful, creamy baked goods that usually come from the island, especially as the back of the package said it was made in Tokyo.

A big disappointment, don't throw your money away on this, buy some madeira cake, it probably tastes better anyway.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Kobe Custard Melon Pan 神戸カスタードメロン


Supermarkets in Japan have a an aisle or two dedicated to pan (sweet buns). Usually half of them have been baked fresh, and the other half have been made by various companies and have a long shelf life, sealed in packaging to keep them fresh.

I am a melon pan girl, and I also love custard, so I thought a combination of the two would be great. It also comes from Kobe from a company called Kobeya, who I had never heard of before. A glance at their website tells me they specialise mainly in bread, cake, and pan.

This pan was shaped like a regular melon pan, round and with the criss-cross design on top, though it had some kind of clear glaze on top that made it sticky to touch.

Breaking the pan open revealed a dry bread bun with a yellow custard cream in the middle. The custard had little black dots in it which turned out to be vanilla beans. The custard was really nice, very flavourful, I liked the presence of the vanilla beans for presentation and for flavour.

The pan itself was quite dry, reminded me of bread which is a few days old. A look on the ingredient list reveals no butter, only eggs and shortening and wheat in regards to the batter. I think this is why it was so dry, no good quality butter to give it that soft texture.

I also couldn't find any mention of melon on the ingredients list, and I couldn't taste any either. Quite a letdown in regards to that, as I thought this would be both melon and custard in taste. I guess they think that it's melon pan to look at and custard pan to eat? I don't know. Strikes me as false advertising really.

Despite the fact that the pan was packaged in a really nice way, and the package itself says it is a "long seller", it comes from Kobe, and the custard was really yum, I wouldn't buy this again because I wanted melon pan, and I don't like dry pan. I think next time I will go fresh, and I wouldn't recommend this at all.