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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cisco Apple Pie Biscuits

Image from Cisco website

The image of the apple pie on this packet caught my eye, it looks yummy. On a whim I bought it. $3.95 for 110grams.

The inside of the packet smells like there is an applie pie in there! It smells like freshly baked apples.

Each biscuit is about 2cm round and has a light glaze with a few specs of sugar. It doesn't smell like anything but when you bite into it, you immediately get the flavour of apples and cinnamon, and combined with the texture of the biscuit it tastes like I'm eating apple pie!

I thought these would be another failure but they are indeed yummy!

Yasu and I thought these would even be good with icecream or with some cream poured over the top, and we both couldn't stop eating them.

These would be really good if you couldn't get the real thing for whatever reason. They make a great after-dinner dessert just by themselves.

The maker, Cisco, is actually a subsidiary of Nissin and they make a lot of cookie products, plus chocolate, cereals and snacks. I also found another kind of biscuit that they make, hotcake cookies, which I have seen in the same store that I bought these but passed up because I didn't think they would be any good. I guess I will have to go back and get those and find out, now that these have been such a success.