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Friday, March 2, 2012

Imuraya Azuki Bar 井村屋あずきバー


It's quite warm tonight so for dessert I'm having this Azuki Bar by a company called Imuraya.

I picked it up at the Japanese supermarket for 99 cents on sale.

I thought it was going to be an icecream bar containing Azuki (read bean) but its not. Basically it's Azuki purée and bits of beans stuck on a pop stick. It does taste yum and very authentic, but I'm not so sure about the texture as red bean blended has a strange texture and then there are lumps of beans poking out too.

It's a different dessert and one I'm sure an Azuki lover would quite enjoy, but for me I can't get past the odd texture and it made me really thirsty too.

I probably wouldn't buy it again but I'm happy to have at least tried it. For the record I do really like Azuki, I'm just not so in love with this bar.