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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kinako Mochi Chocoball きなこもちチョコボール

Kinako is one of my favorite flavours so I was delighted to see this release when we were in Japan last year. I bought about 5 boxes of them and just discovered I had one box left and thought I better review it!

These Chocoball have a thick layer of kinako flavored white chocolate around the outside of an oval shaped mass of kinako mochi. The thick chocolate is divine when chewing together with the mochi in the centre.

It's a small packet and I had to share with my 2 year old son and husband as they both love kinako too, so it didn't go far! Now you can see why I needed 5 boxes... These were about 88 yen in the supermarket (just under $1.00) and very good value. Great as a treat for kids too as it has a small opening and a game on the lid.

If rate these as one of my favorite kinako treats and definitely my favorite Chocoball so far!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kinako Mochi Tirol (Premium) きなこもち チロル


Kinako Mochi seems to be a flavour that Tirol brings out every year or so. I guess in part because it's so popular. I reviewed this same flavour in 2010 but it was a smaller version that came in a pack.

This version is a premium Tirol which is slightly bigger (and costs a bit more) and the added bonus to this newer version is there is kinako powder inside the chocolate. Nothing else has really changed all that much, the wrapper colour is more orange this time around, but it has the same mochi character as last time, and only one big ball of kinako mochi instead of 3 small balls.

I guess Tirol know that you don't have to mess around with something when it's guranteed to be a winner no matter how many times you release it.

I am a kinako lover so I was looking forward to trying this one. As in the previous incarnation, the chocolate looks the colour of kinako, a kind of caramel colour. I can smell the kinako through the chocolate and it's so nice!!

Although I knew there was kinako powder inside, what I didn't expect was that when I bit into it kinako powder would explode out and fall down the front of my shirt. Yum though!! It has that lovely nutty flavour and also the sweetness of the chocolate. There is a piece of mochi inside although it's quite hard to bite through, there is powder surrounding the mochi and it just melts in the mouth. So buttery and nutty at the same time. There is so much powder, you really can't eat this in bites like I tried to do, because the powder gets everywhere!

This was so delicious, I just wish I had about 10 more!! I love how they added the powder, it gave it such a kick in flavour. I'm so glad that this was a premium too as you get that bit more than the usual size. I hope Tirol release this one again soon, can't wait!!

Did you try this? If so, what did you think?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kinako Senbei 岩塚製菓 きなこ餅 "にほんの味”


I am a huge fan of Kinako, it's one of my all-time favourite Japanese flavours besides Azuki and Matcha. So when I found this pack of Kinako Senbei in a box of goodies from a friend in Japan, I was ecstatic.

This pack has 12 individually wrapped senbei. They are thin and light and as you can see on the photo have a patchy sampling of kinako. The pack states that this is more a "savoury" style of kinako as opposed to a really sweet version. I was a little bit disappointed at reading that.

However when I first bit into the senbei it wasn't bad at all. True to what the package says, it wasn't that sweet, but it definitely tasted like kinako, and I quite like the "savoury" version. It's also really crunchy and light, and there is a strong nutty flavour that I really like.

The only downer with this senbei is there is only 1 small senbei wrapped by itself, I could eat more at a time, I wish there were about 4 in one wrap. Maybe because they're so addictive, they limit the quantity to 1 individual serving, people could go crazy and eat the whole pack in one sitting otherwise!

I really recommend these if you like kinako. I still have half the pack left because I'm trying to save them...I'm so kinako deprived over here in Perth, Australia, that I have to really savour anything with kinako that I can get my hands on!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tirol Kinako Mochi チロルきなこもち


I recently reviewed Kinako Mochi Cheetos and this is the same but without the Cheetos component.

The chocolate is quite dark, it reminded me of coffee. It smells very nutty and the chocolate tastes like roasted peanuts. There is a mochi centre which is similar in colour to the outside. It is soft and chewy but doesn't really enhance the flavour any.

This flavour came in a pack of 9, and it was the kind that hangs on a hook at the end of an aisle. Each chocolate comes packaged in its own bag that is torn off via a perforation at the end of each one.

I really liked the flavour when combined with Cheetos but when it is alone it just doesn't seem as good. I like the texture of the mochi in the middle, which is something the Cheetos didn't have, but the depth of flavour just doesn't seem to be the same.

This was disappointing. Yasu and I will eat the rest of the pack, but I won't buy any more. A shame because I really expected to like these much more than I do.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cheetos x Tirol Kinako Mochi Corn Snacks チートスxチロルきなこもちコーンスナック


I am a big fan of Tirol chocolates and also a very big fan of Cheese snacks like Cheetos. I was still surprised though, to see the two had been combined into one snack!

Nevertheless, I am an adventurer. Well, not really, but I force myself to try new things for the sake of my readers...

What this is essentially is a twisty cheetos with kinako mochi chocolate covering. Now, on the packet it looks like quite a thick covering, so I thought it would be equal amounts of cheese to chocolate or even a bit more chocolate than cheese.

However, when I opened the bag I discovered this was not the case. It looks like the cheese stick has been rolled in chocolate and then hung from the washing line to drip dry - leaving a very thin layer of chocolate coating.

That is a bit disappointing.

And while I'm here I just have to mention that picture on the left-hand side of what is supposed to be mochi or a mochi man. It kinda looks abit "manly" to me, or is that just my dirty mind? We have kinako balls on the plate and we have long cheese sticks covered in chocolate.....makes me wonder if a man came up with this packaging idea? Hmph.

Anyway, moving on! Opening the bag up, a smell like an icecream truck tickles my nose. Icecream truck as in the cone and the vanilla soft serve. Don't ask me why, it just smells like that to me!

Most of the sticks are about 2cm long. As I said previously they have a very thin layer of light brown coloured chocolate that feels very waxy. From the outside they smell like vanilla and peanut. Biting in, there is not much flavour at first. I feel the crispy texture and hear the crunch crunch crunch as I chew, but that is all. Then, right at the end as I swallow there is a slightly toasted peanut flavour. It's very light, not too sweet, not too peanut-y, very middle-of-the-road.

Cheese snacks are usually pretty rich I find, so this is very light compared to what I expected.

I tried eating them a different way, as in eating them 3 at a time. This brought out much more of the kinako flavour. It tasted less like peanut and more like toasted kinako.

I tried sucking the chocolate off the stick, and then I got alot of the sweetness from the chocolate, more than the kinako flavour. The stick, to my surprise is quite sweet, but I could not detect any cheese. It was then that I looked at the ingredients and discovered that there wasn't any cheese in these cheetos.

It's just a "raw" cheetos without the cheese flavouring, covered in kinako mochi chocolate. Where is the fun in that I ask you? Here I was looking forward to eating cheese and chocolate and there is no cheese!! Boo Hoo.

In any case, these were ok. I really was disappointed about there being no cheese, but I really like the kinako mochi chocolate on the outside. Pity it wasn't a cheetos shaped kinako mochi chocolate. Besides the crunch crunch there is no real bonus of having the cheetos in the mix.

You can now buy this at napaJapan, where I bought mine. I wouldn't eat them again, because I'm just not a fan of the texture, however the flavour is very good. If they changed it into a chocolate instead of on a cheetos, I would definitely buy it.

Yasu's Rating: These are good, I enjoyed them. I don't care there is no cheese, the flavour suits me fine. I am more interested in the texture and the crunchiness, combined with kinako, a traditional flavour of Japan.

*Yasu's Rating is a new addition to my post and is there to give a Japanese person's perspective on the snacks I review. Sometimes we may differ, and sometimes we will be the same. It may give perspective on why Japanese companies make the products they do.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Country Ma'am Hokkaido Kinako Cookies 北海道きなこ


Kinako is only just a recent discovery for my tastebuds, but it's one I surprisingly enjoy. Kinako is soybean flour which is made by toasting soybeans and grinding them into flour.

I picked up this bag in Seria for 100 yen or around $1. It contains 5 individually wrapped cookies, each about 3.5cm in diameter.

They are a golden brown colour, mainly due to the fact that theire is caramel colour included in the ingredients.

Breaking the cookie in half it is crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. There are noticeable white chocolate chips in the middle, I had four chips in mine.

The flavour is unlike other kinako I have tasted. The first taste offers up a slightly burnt flavour, not unlike burnt caramel. Its only at the very end that I get to the slight peanut like flavour that kinako often has. The white chocolate chips don't really add alot to this cookie, mainly because the burnt caramel flavour is the major player here and the white chocolate are mere bits that only provide a burst of flavour if I bite directly on it. It doesn't enhance the flavour though, just detracts from the main theme.

I would have preferred this without the white chocolate chips. They weren't really sweet but they just took away from it flavour wise. If the chips weren't there I could have concentrated more on the actual flavour of the kinako.

I've never tasted Hokkaido kinako before, so I wasn't sure if it was true to the flavour, but asking Yasu who is from Hokkaido, he said it's very much Hokkaido kinako, so obviously it's just me who really prefers the regular non-Hokkaido kinako.

These were ok, but I wouldn't buy them again. Yasu said they were just okay, which doesn't inspire much confidence in me. They're ok for a buck, and the good thing is if you don't like them they're individually wrapped so you can give them away to unassuming people. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kit Kat Kinako Ohagi きなこおはぎ味

Yes, another Kit Kat review, I couldn't help myself. I'm still intrigued by the unique flavours that Kit Kat always bring out. I was drawn to the box because of the traditional design, the green and yellow, and Japanese reeds. Being a lover of Traditional Japan, taste or not, this was a Kit Kat I had to buy.

Just in case you don't know:

Kinako is Japanese soybean flour and is commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Soybeans are toasted, and ground down into the flour.

Ohagi is a sweet that is made in Autumn, and is named after the bush clover that flowers in Autumn. It is made with sweet rice on the outside and an azuki (red bean) paste in the middle.

In the case of Kinako Ohagi, a dusting of Kinako powder is added to the outside of the sweet rice, giving it the appearance of a small brown ball.

Right, now we've got that out of the way, I have to say I wasn't expecting to like this. Some people say that Kinako tastes like peanut paste, and I was hoping it was true. I'd never tasted it before today and I have to say I was abit apprehensive.! Yes, it does taste like peanut paste, in fact more of a peanut cream because it's sweet more than salty. The milk chocolate on the outside, really smells like roasted peanuts. I'm really glad they made it wilk milk chocolate instead of white too, because it has a very earthy smell.

The milk chocolate is sweet and tastes like peanuts where the cream in the wafers taste very sweet like peanut cream. Towards the end there is a bitter, long-roasted taste, that really sets the scene for the toasted sesame flavour that emerges near the end. MMMmm this is delicious!!

I can imagine this going down very well with a nice cup of real green tea. Although there is no azuki in this chocolate, it doesn't really matter, as you do get the feeling you've been transported back to ancient Japan. I was surprised to look down and see I was still wearing jeans and not a yukata after eating this!