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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Country Ma'am Crispy Almond カントリーマアム クリスピーアーモンド


I have 5 more packs of Country Ma'am to review, and this is the next one in my stash. This is the "crispy" version of Country Ma'am whereby the cookie is very crispy and crumbly and as you can see by the photo below, falls apart quite easily.

These cookies are very dark and like the previous share pack, are individually wrapped. There are 6 in this bag, which I bought from Daiso for ¥105 (around $1). 

The flavour is "almond" but actually I can't smell any almond from the cookie itself. All I can smell is strong cocoa and a slightly burnt scent. There seems to be a theme with Country Ma'am in that no matter what flavour the cookie is, there are chocolate chips inside. It's more suitable for an almond cookie to have choc chips than a matcha cookie though, in my opinion so this cookie seems interesting.

Biting into the cookie it completely crumbles, as expected. The flavour is strong cocoa and the dark chocolate chips really shine here. Unfortunately there are only the smallest dots of almond to be seen in each cookie and they don't add anything flavour or scent wise. I think this cookie should be renamed "dark chocolate chip" or something like that. Really, what was the point calling it "almond" when the almonds are non-existent. 

I would have liked to have seen big pieces of almond in here so in that respect this cookie was a let down. However, I did enjoy the dark chocolate flavour and the crispy texture of the cookie, so it's not a total fail.

If you just expect a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie when you buy these then you won't be disappointed. As these have 6 individually wrapped cookies, they are also good to share with friends and family. 

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Puccho Chocochip in Chocostrawberry 幸せぷっちょチョコチップ in ちょこいちご


Surprise packages in the mail are wonderful things aren't they? As are the people who send them. Especially when they are from places far far away where all our favourite snacks come from, in my case, Japan.

This was part of a parcel but I didn't know it until days later when I went to the box and found it hiding! So it was a double surprise ;)

Puccho is fairly new to my tastebuds and my first foray was not so good. Chocolate/Strawberry with chocchips is a fairly mundane flavour though, so I was expecting to like this flavour.

The colour of this candy is mostly pink and has a line of chocolate running through the middle and appears at both ends. There are significant chocolate chips at either end, and strawberry gummi pieces in the middle.

The candy actually smells like icecream, neapolitan flavour. Biting into it there is the tartness of strawberry, a milky icecream taste, and then the actual chocolate in the candy gives a rich chocolate icecream flavour. Amongst this though, it's quite hectic in my mouth, because the gummi balls escape and run away. It's hard to explain, but when the gummi and chocolate come out from the centre, the candy itself kind of comes apart and goes every which way. The gummi pieces are soft and slippery so that biting down on them just makes them spin out of control either towards the back of my throat or the other side of my mouth.

At the end, the texture is reminscent of chewing gum, because it has a chewy texture with a bit of graininess. Depending on what side you bite down on, you can experience the chocolate or strawberry flavour first.

It's kind of hectic but I really like the flavour, in fact, while revewing this candy I ate 6 pieces out of 10. Despite being an every day flavour, put together with the chocolate and the gummi, it becomes quite unique and adventurous for me. If I was in the mood for something unique I would definitely get this again, I also think children would find this quite amusing. :)

Yasu's Rating: I like the flavour, it's quite good. I would eat it again.