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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Befco Baka-Uke Shio Wasabi Snack ばかうけ 塩わさび味

Today Yasu and I were in the mood for a snack, and we remembered about the box of goodies that my lovely friend S had sent over so I opened it up and Yasu chose this pack of Bakauke by Befco. Shio Wasabi - Salty Wasabi.

Hmm... I'm not into "hot" or "spicy" foods but I thought I would be game and try.

Each cracker is long and curved, and has the consistency of a "soft" senbei.

When I bit into the cracker I immediately got a big hit of wasabi on the tip of my tongue and after swallowing, at the back of my throat, and the more I ate, the more it built up. Yasu really enjoyed these and I loved that they had such a crunchy texture.

I didn't notice any extra salt as per the "salty" wasabi tag, but maybe because my mouth was on fire. Though I did notice a sweetness from the inside of the cracker between bites.

The wasabi was a bit too strong for me but people who can take the heat would love these. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wasabi Kit Kat わさびキットカット


I've been wondering for quite some time when Nestle would release a Wasabi Kit Kat. I mean when most people think of Japan they think of Sushi and then... Wasabi. So, Nestle, thanks but sheesh you really took your time! (This is actually a regional specialty of Kanto and Shizuoka so it's not available everywhere unfortunately.)

I'm not a big lover of Wasabi, I never eat it with my sushi, and I don't use it on anything else except in a mayo mixture for steak. It's purely out of curiousity that I wanted to try a Wasabi Kit Kat.

The Kit Kat itself is white chocolate but with a light green hue, I guess as close to the real Wasabi colour as is possible. It doesn't really smell like anything but sweet white chocolate.

The texture of the white chocolate is the same as in the sweet potato Kit Kat's, very soft, crumbly and almost like a mousse whip.

Biting into the stick there is the familiar burn on my tongue and at the back of my throat. It seems to be coming from the cream inside the wafers, and I get a cool feeling in my nose like menthol, just like the real thing.

I like this Kit Kat because it's true to the Wasabi experience but also true to the Kit Kat experience. As in, it's got the hot elements that Wasabi has without being too strong, with a sweet kickback from the white chocolate.

I thought this was a winner and lived up to my expectations, if not more. I actually didn't think the Wasabi would be as strong as this, so there you go. I thought Yasu would also like this as he loves Wasabi but he told me he hated it and he thought it was strange. So maybe this one's only for Japan Lovers?

Who knows, but it's definitely worth a try if you come across it!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Doritos Men's Taste Wasabi Flavour ドリトス男の堅あげわさび味


I'm not a fan of spicy foods. I don't really consider Wasabi in that category though because it's a flavour that flares up for a few seconds and then goes away, not like when you eat a hot curry that makes your eyes water, your lips tingle and your throat scorch.

I got these from napaJapan, and it's not something I would have tried without prompting, but thankyou NJ for allowing me to try lots of great new flavours :)

Doritos, I love. Wasabi flavour Doritos, scary.

These are said to be thicker than the original Doritos, and when I measured I found it is true. They are pretty much double the thickness.

There is really no great wasabi smell when I open the bag. They smell pretty much like toasted corn chips. Oh okay, this is going to be no big deal I think.

Wrong! I put one on my tongue, wrong move. I get an immediate wasabi hit, and I mean hit! That wasabi is so strong! Luckily for my poor tongue, removal of the corn chip means wasabi flavour dies away, but oh my god, that is hot. The corn chip itself is nice and crunchy, but it's just the wasabi flavour that is way too much for me.

In saying that, my tongue is a coward, but I can say that the flavour is very true to real wasabi, as if I'd spread wasabi paste on a corn chip and eaten it. I get that familiar puff of smoke out my ears.

I couldn't eat more than one of these, and even the first one was in little bites. Yasu though, thoroughly enjoyed these and ate the whole bag in one sitting. Not sure though if that's his "man's taste" or just because he's Japanese...

I would buy these again for Yasu as he loved them. I couldn't stand to eat them again but only because my tongue and strong wasabi flavour don't mix. I think these would be great for a picnic or bbq, and a great snack with beer.