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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Puccho Chocochip in Chocostrawberry 幸せぷっちょチョコチップ in ちょこいちご


Surprise packages in the mail are wonderful things aren't they? As are the people who send them. Especially when they are from places far far away where all our favourite snacks come from, in my case, Japan.

This was part of a parcel but I didn't know it until days later when I went to the box and found it hiding! So it was a double surprise ;)

Puccho is fairly new to my tastebuds and my first foray was not so good. Chocolate/Strawberry with chocchips is a fairly mundane flavour though, so I was expecting to like this flavour.

The colour of this candy is mostly pink and has a line of chocolate running through the middle and appears at both ends. There are significant chocolate chips at either end, and strawberry gummi pieces in the middle.

The candy actually smells like icecream, neapolitan flavour. Biting into it there is the tartness of strawberry, a milky icecream taste, and then the actual chocolate in the candy gives a rich chocolate icecream flavour. Amongst this though, it's quite hectic in my mouth, because the gummi balls escape and run away. It's hard to explain, but when the gummi and chocolate come out from the centre, the candy itself kind of comes apart and goes every which way. The gummi pieces are soft and slippery so that biting down on them just makes them spin out of control either towards the back of my throat or the other side of my mouth.

At the end, the texture is reminscent of chewing gum, because it has a chewy texture with a bit of graininess. Depending on what side you bite down on, you can experience the chocolate or strawberry flavour first.

It's kind of hectic but I really like the flavour, in fact, while revewing this candy I ate 6 pieces out of 10. Despite being an every day flavour, put together with the chocolate and the gummi, it becomes quite unique and adventurous for me. If I was in the mood for something unique I would definitely get this again, I also think children would find this quite amusing. :)

Yasu's Rating: I like the flavour, it's quite good. I would eat it again.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shigekix Super Melon Soda シゲキックススーパーメロンソーダ味


Shigekix is a product I've seen around ever since I started learning Japanese, oh, about 20 years ago now. (Yeah, I'm really showing my age now aren't I?)

I've always given them a miss though because, well, I've just never been into Japanese gummi. By never trying them from the beginning, I've never given them a go, because I'm scared of the unknown and all that. The eyes on the package give me the creeps to be exact.

This gummi make me think that when I put it in my mouth my head will explode or something to that effect. Plus it has "kix", in it's name. What kind of kix I wonder?

Fate had a hand in dropping this packet of Shigekix into my life, so now I must take up the challenge and sample it for you, dear readers. Oh god, what did I get myself into?

Shigekix are essentially super sour gummi. They have a sour powder coating followed by a rather hard gummi, in this case flavoured with melon soda. They're also enriched with Grape extract and Vitamin C.

I knew that the gates of hell awaited me when I opened the packet and the sourness wafted up to my nose. I can only describe the sourness as sucking on four lemons at the same time.'s bad! So sour!!

Luckily, if you suck fast the sour powder dissolves quickly and you get to the sweet melon goodness underneath sooner. It's quite an accurate melon soda flavour including fizz. The gummi is quite hard and you have to chew it quite well, or suck it for a looong time.

I have to say I'm not a fan of the hard gummi texture. Only because it got stuck in my teeth. I don't like the sucking-on-lemons sourness either, it's just too sour for me!! But I do like the melon soda flavour. So, one out of three isn't so bad, I guess?

I wouldn't buy this of my own volition, let's just say that. But, I'm sure some people would. It was an interesting experience though, and I'm glad after 20 years I finally found out what Shigekix is all about. I'm pretty sure if I tried this when I was in primary school, I would have loved it, as super sour candies, and burn-your-tongue-off candies were all the rage with us back then. :)

Yasu's Rating: I like this. I like the sour flavour and the hard gummi. These are a favourite from childhood. I like sucking the powder off.

You can find this flavour plus four others over at napaJapan right now :)