Friday, November 12, 2010

Tirol Chocolate Mix 8 Pack チロルチョコミックス

Tirol Chocolate is one of our family's favourites. It's great that a chocolate so cheap is so good, and there is so much excitement when a new flavour is released.

I purchased this Mix pack of 8 Tirol chocolates from napaJapan. I have already tried 3 out of the 4 flavours. The one I wanted to try in this pack is the Matcha Milk. I have tried a similar Tirol before called Uji-Matcha with mochi in. This one seems to be a bit plainer though and is just a mixture of matcha and milk.

You can see reviews for the other 3 flavours in the pack here and here.

The chocolate on the outside is a very matcha green which is nice and authentic. It also has a very faint smell of matcha. Biting in, the chocolate is smooth and melts easily and has a very creamy flavour that ends with a bitter but very familiar flavour of matcha. The milk is the first flavour to appear and then melds into the matcha. The chocolate inside is softer than on the outside and almost reminds me of a mousse.

I really enjoyed this Tirol. While it doesn't knock your socks off with matcha flavour, it's more of a subtle flavour that builds up towards the end but not overly so. I imagine this would go well with some Japanese tea, as it would not overshadow but complement.

Brand: Tirol
Calories per box: 280
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Anonymous said...

I love Tirol!<3
I saw this Matcha Tirol at my Japantown, but I didn't buy it. Because it was sold with a chain of other Tirols, and there were some flavors that I knew I definitely did not want to try. :( I wish I could buy individual Tirols!

Kelly said...

Yeah, I don't find any tirol's here, I buy them online. I wish I could find them here. I think the USA has a bigger Japanese food/snack market than australia though so you can probably find a lot of interesting snacks there...however not sure about the pricing!

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