Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kit Kat Cola & Lemon Squash キットカット コーラ味とレモンスカッシュ味

Wow, long time no Kit Kat review! I've had this box sitting in the fridge since last year and it still hasn't expired, in fact it won't expire until May, but I thought I better get around to it now before bubs arrives, because then I definitely probably won't have any time to.

This Kit Kat is a duo flavour, Cola, and Lemon Squash. It contains two individually wrapped packs, one containing two sticks of Cola and the other containing two sticks of Lemon Squash.

The Cola is a light brown chocolate, similar to the colour of actual Cola drink and it smells like a flat Cola. Biting into it at first is a flat Cola flavour but inside the wafers there is some fizziness which makes it taste and feel like a real Cola drink. I really love the fizzy sensation, it's quite fun and the chocolate is not too sweet, in fact the fizzy factor is the dominating flavour.

The Lemon Squash is white chocolate which smells like lemon cheesecake. Biting into it the flavour is quite tart, like a lemon tart, and the chocolate is quite sweet. There feels like there are some small granules inside the wafers, and these have quite a sour flavour which give it a real kick. This flavour is too sweet to really be considered as a lemon squash but I do like the flavour overall, because I'm a fan of the sour-sweet combo and lemon cheesecake flavour.

In all, I though this was a good effort from Nestle. Two distinct flavours in the one box and both are really enjoyable. Wish I bought more of these!

This Kit Kat got a mediocre review from Jen's Kit Kat blog, and got the thumbs up from My Kit Kats.

Brand: Nestle
Calories per box: 100
Website: http://www.nestle.co.jp


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I went to Japantown today hoping to buy the Otona Kit Kat, but they were all sold out. :(
Anyways, I had "Lemon Squash" before, for Hi-Chew. But I found that it tasted more like Ramune. What is a lemon squash though, is it an actual fruit?

Tasty Japan said...

Lemon squash is just a drink I think, a lemon concentrate that you mix with water or sometimes it's got soda in it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the info. I found the details very helpful.


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