Monday, October 12, 2009

Crunky Roasted Chestnut クランキー和栗

As it's now coming into Autum in Japan the Japanese confectionary makers have been releasing snacks to cater to Autumn tastes. A snack that is popular in cool seasons is Waguri or roasted chestnuts, so it's no surprise that Crunky have rolled it out as their latest flavour.

The thing I find disconcerting about Crunky from the start is that the bar itself is so thin. There's literally only rice crispies with a chocolate coating, not the other way around.

The chocolate, when unwrapped, has a strong smell of sweet coffee. It's a coffee-coloured white chocolate that smells so sweet I was afraid to eat it.

See on the back of the bar, it has all the rice crispies, and then some darker dots? Those darker dots are bits of roasted chestnut.

Despite the coffee scent, it doesn't taste like coffee. It does taste like roasted chestnut, it has that roasted flavour, like it has been roasted over the pan for many hours. The rice crispies are quite good in this with the mix of chestnut as they also bring a kind of popcorn taste to the flavour, which ends up being like roasted chestnut, hot popcorn and peanuts.

I really love this! It's got such an interesting mix of flavours, and it really is quite unique. I can image myself eating this while nestled in front of a warm fire with a good book. It's very Autumn-y. But then, I'm eating it in an Australian Spring and it's still really good!

This one is a definitely a keeper.


Anonymous said...

that`s the thing with most Japanese snacks, you finally find a good one and it disappears soon after, everything is so seasonal here, which is a good thing too. Stock up while you can. think I might go find one of these to try. Desley

Kelly said...

I agree! Thanks for your comment :)

Jvillelass said...

I bought one for your review it was the last one at 7/11. I found it more tea flavoured than anything. It was ok but I really wish I could have found a matcha crunky.
I am so hungry for junk food atm ><. Btw my Nipponese is crappola but is your mates daughter called 'pika pika'?

Kelly said...

Thanks Jvillelass! Your taste and mine must be very different. :)

No, her name starts with K.

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