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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Country Ma'am Crispy Almond カントリーマアム クリスピーアーモンド


I have 5 more packs of Country Ma'am to review, and this is the next one in my stash. This is the "crispy" version of Country Ma'am whereby the cookie is very crispy and crumbly and as you can see by the photo below, falls apart quite easily.

These cookies are very dark and like the previous share pack, are individually wrapped. There are 6 in this bag, which I bought from Daiso for ¥105 (around $1). 

The flavour is "almond" but actually I can't smell any almond from the cookie itself. All I can smell is strong cocoa and a slightly burnt scent. There seems to be a theme with Country Ma'am in that no matter what flavour the cookie is, there are chocolate chips inside. It's more suitable for an almond cookie to have choc chips than a matcha cookie though, in my opinion so this cookie seems interesting.

Biting into the cookie it completely crumbles, as expected. The flavour is strong cocoa and the dark chocolate chips really shine here. Unfortunately there are only the smallest dots of almond to be seen in each cookie and they don't add anything flavour or scent wise. I think this cookie should be renamed "dark chocolate chip" or something like that. Really, what was the point calling it "almond" when the almonds are non-existent. 

I would have liked to have seen big pieces of almond in here so in that respect this cookie was a let down. However, I did enjoy the dark chocolate flavour and the crispy texture of the cookie, so it's not a total fail.

If you just expect a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie when you buy these then you won't be disappointed. As these have 6 individually wrapped cookies, they are also good to share with friends and family. 

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Country Ma'am Okinawa Black Sugar カントリーマアム沖縄黒みつ


This is another random selection from Seria, and the last of the food souvenirs I brought back from Japan. Phew!

As with the other Country Ma'am cookies I brought back, these were 100 yen or $1. Despite the size of the bag they only have 5 individually wrapped cookies.

I really like black sugar from Okinawa so I had high expectations of these.

The cookie is much smaller than I expected, kind of a bit shrivelled up if you ask me. It's quite dark brown, and crumbly.

The smell from the bag is quite strong, you can tell what it is without even looking at the label, it smells exactly like black sugar. I actually think these are abit less than the standard size, but the flavour more than makes up for this.

The flavour packs a punch. Wham. Bam! It's right there in your face, very strong black sugar. The chocolate chips in these (2 of them) are a nice sideshow to the black sugar and it gives it an injection of sweetness that is lacking with the strength of the sugar.

I quite like these and they go really well with a cup of Japanese tea. It's a really "Japan" kind of flavour, something that I always like, so if you like that of 和味 (note this is not a word, but my own creation "wa aji", signifying a really Japanese flavour) then you will definitely like these!!

I would buy these again, but chances are I won't have the opportunity to as I'm sure they have already come out with new flavours. :)