Thursday, November 26, 2009

Puccho Shio Lemon with Gummi ぷっちょしおレモン

Puccho is a brand I've seen out and about which reminds me of Hi-chew. It's definitely targeted towards children which is an area that in the past I've stayed away from when it comes to Japanese candy.

A new year is almost here and because of that (and that I'm reaching 100 posts), I've decided to push myself and try a few different things, one of them being Puccho.

There were a variety of flavours on offer when I bought these, but this one seemed the weirdest and less appealing flavour. Salty lemon. Hmm not unless I'm drinking tequila?

The packet is considerably summery, and looking on their website I can't find a mention so I would say this has been and gone in regards to where the Japanese market is now. However, it's summer in Perth, so good timing for me. (And I might add the best before date is February 2010, so still within the good tasting zone.)

The difference between this and Hi-chew is that this has little bits of round gummy pieces inside, plus because of the salty lemon flavour, bits of salt, would you believe.

Each pack has 10 pieces and the packet opens via a string, similar to chewing gum packs.

The piece itself feels like plastic and is white with a light yellow colour on each end, again very similar to Hi-Chew.

Biting into it there is this taste just like lemon butter, or lemon curd, it's so sour at the back of my throat! The gummy in the middle is chewy but a bit hard and it's really salty like swallowing water at the beach. Ugh.

The problem with this candy is that the yoghurt part is kind of tough like old leather and not very much like yoghurt in flavour, the gummy are lumpy and hard to chew and the salt is overwhelming like someone rolled a lemon in salt and threw it in the ocean. Eww...

I'm not a fan...these two flavours just don't go together. Sour and salt. Only with alcohol I think. I also don't like the texture, tough on the outside, hard and chewy on the inside, and stuck between my back teeth.

Did I sabotage myself by getting a flavour I thought was weird? I didn't think so at the time because I am a fan of salt and vanilla together so I thought this might be the same. I had expectations of liking this one.

$2.39 down the drain. I wonder if kids would like this? And who can I fob this onto? Anyone want a pack of Puccho with 7 pieces left? I'm serious guys.


Yas @ said...

I didn't understand what's all these popular trends with salt in Japan...

Kelly said...

Me either...guess it's just a new fad. It'll be over soon enough and in replace, something equally as weird probably! :)

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