Monday, October 19, 2009

Fritolay Teriyaki Doritos

I really love corn chips, but I'm not a terribly big fan of Doritos, I prefer CC's for their stronger flavour and crunch. I am a big fan of Teriyaki however, so when I saw this bag of Doritos, I couldn't go past them without buying.

Teriyaki is a kind of all-encompassing Japanese flavour. Every Japanese restaurant I've ever been to has had Teriyaki in some form. In Japan however, it's considered more of a home-style Kansai-area dish, and is not commonly found in restaurants.

I was surprised to find a Teriyaki flavoured snack on the Japanese market at all.

On the front of the packet, it states that it is the Japanese flavour that is known all around the world. Teriyaki or 照り焼き in Japanese is a method of cooking by frying or boiling food in a sweet soy sauce marinade.

The front of the packet has a hamburger, but most people identify more with Teriyaki Chicken. These Teriyaki Doritos are more meat based, and actually have meat extract powder as one of the ingredients.

I was shocked when I opened this bag, because only a quarter of the bag has chips! In a 63g bag that's about 16g of chips and 44 grams of air. What you see below is the whole amount of chips that were in the bag.

The smell was very strong when I opened the bag, and it was a very "meaty" smell, with an undertone of barbeque sauce, the kind you put on ribs.

The corn chips themselves are the same size as usual, same colour, but have a light coating of brown and red seasoning. The seasoning is quite sweet, you can taste the soy sauce and mirin, followed by the meatier flavouring.

I find these quite morish. They are good as a savoury snack, and I'm sure these would go down great with a beer. They are quite crunchy, and even though the "meat" flavour is not something I would normally choose to eat, once I got snacking on these I found myself unable to stop.

The sweetness in the seasoning actually comes from Stevia (a sweetener), listed on the back of the pack, along with Sucralose (a zero calorie sugar substitute).

A really different flavour for me, but one I really enjoyed. This just proves I should be more adventurous!


ebidebby said...

Neat! Now Japan gets the best Doritos flavors. I am a big fan, but I've never heard of CC's. Is that an Australian brand?

Kelly said...

Yes, I think they are! I didn't know that they were Aussie only.

Thanks for your comment!

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