Sunday, December 13, 2009

Togarashi Kit Kat 唐辛子キットカットリットルボールズ

There is a plethora of interesting Kit Kat flavours in Japan. Some that are normal to Japanese people like melon or sweet potato, seem downright weird in other countries.

Whereas confectionary like chilli chocolate is quite normal here, or chilli beer for that matter. So, a chilli Kit Kat does not seem so out of the ordinary to me. That said, I've never sampled chilli chocolate or chilli beer because I can't stand spicy food. I never eat anything with chilli in it.

So it's just karma that I now have to sample chilli Kit Kat balls then isn't it?

This Kit Kat comes in an interesting form. Little balls; more like maltesers than an actual Kit Kat until you bite into them and see the wafer. Mine came over from Japan in the heat of a Perth summer and melted, so now they are little squares instead! But never mind, I'm pretty sure they taste the same.

The chocolate still smells the same, sweet and chocolately, like Nestle chocolate does. Biting into the ball there is the sweet chocolate taste and loud crunch of wafer and then... a spicy hotness exploding onto my tongue and around my mouth.

Okay, it's not really that bad. For someone who can't take any spice, it's actually not that bad. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. It's spicy, it's hot, but it doesn't get any hotter. On swallowing, my throat does get quite hot too, but it doesn't make my eyes water or my nose run.

I tried eating four of these at one time, and it was a little bit hotter, but it still didn't make my orifaces water. It was a couple of levels hotter, but I could stand it.

I like this Kit Kat. I LIKE THIS KIT KAT. Never thought I would say that! But I do. I like the sweetness of the chocolate and the hotness of the chilli inside. I can imagine for real chilli lovers these would not be hot enough though...but I think because of that they are not limited to adult tastes so that is one thing in their favour. These are actually quite addictive and I have to admit to scoffing the whole pack by myself.

The picture on the packet is a little scary, I must admit. But it's not actually like that in real life. Sure, you can see a few pink dots, but nowhere near as many, and as neatly as the half a little ball on the packet.

Oh and if you suck all the chocolate off and then sort of crush the wafer in your mouth, you won't taste the chilli until the very end. It's kind of a delayed experience. I personally like biting down though.

I would definitely buy these again, for my worst enemy! And for my friends too :) They are pretty good!! I recommend you try them because hey, they're a novelty item, there are big bragging rights that go hand in hand with eating this Kit Kat; plus they taste pretty good!

Yasu's Rating: They were too hot for me (and I like kimchi and spicy things). I didn't like these at all.


Par said...

I really would want to get these for mr.k. Though even if not spicy, I wish more flavors be avaliable in other countries. I guess the unique weird flavors only makes me want to try them more.

Kelly said...

Yeah me too! We seem to have only boring flavours like cookies n'cream or caramel in Aus...I would definitely like to see at least a few of the weirder flavours outside of Japan...but I guess Nestle doesn't think it would be marketable.
These are still spicy, just not *too* spicy, but still really good :) Something a little bit different!!
I can't wait to try the Wasabi kit kat now :)

Jen in Japan said...

Why can't I find these???

I'm surprised at these though because from what I can tell most Japanese people aren't a big fan of spicy things either. Or maybe that's just kids because I do get most of my impressions of Japanese culture at the jr. high lunch table. ;-)

Kelly said...

Yeah it's weird you know, because I know alot of Japanese people who love kimchi, husband included, but he absolutely hated these. And I can't stand hot food but I loved them.

Not sure where you can buy them from, sorry I can't help you more! Have you tried looking in donkihote? sometimes they have alot of the weirder kit kats that you can't find anywhere else..

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