Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kabaya Guimauve Strawberry ギモーヴ ストロベリー

Guimauve is the French word for Marshmallow. Marshmallow comes from the plant of the same name and is used in candy and in hot drinks, eaten by itself plain or toasted. As the marshmallow powder is quite difficult to obtain, most manufacturers use gelatin to get marshmallow to that sticky, chewy consistency that we love.

Kabaya have come up with their own take on Guimauve by creating it using Gummi. It is shaped into squares, the French way, and it doesn't have the powdery outside like most marshmallows that come in big bags, instead it has a smooth matte finish.

It smells sweet and floraly, but even without eating it there is a tartness that wafts up my nose. Biting into it is not the same as biting into a marshmallow, it has a little bit more resistance. When it is squeezed, it flumps down in half, unlike a marshmallow that bounces back. The inside after being bitten, resembles something like a marshmallow mixed with a sponge.

The difference with this Guimauve is that the strawberry flavour takes a back seat to the tartness, and it tastes more like a strawberry sherbet than I expected. The flavour is even more pronounced when you suck it instead of chew it.

I'm not a fan of sour candy, I don't hate this, but I don't exactly love it either. It's a little bit hard for me to get my head around this candy. I keep coming back for more but only because it's weird. Who ever heard of a marshmallow made out of gummi? Somehow the texture works. It's just the flavour that is not my thing.

This is not blow-your-head-off super sour, but it has enough there to make you think it's sherbet. I would only buy it if sour candy is your thing.

Brand: Kabaya
Calories per pack: 116
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Jay said...

I really like these and I think it is because of the same reason you stated. They are just so weird. Every time I eat one I try to compare it to something but cannot. Sour candy is my thing and these are not so tart and the little infused bits help add flavor.
btw Kelly, the Hokkaido Melon ones are sweeter. I just got some in. Well time to catch up on my blog reading...later. Jay

Tasty Japan said...

Yes, I know what you mean. We finished off the bag last night and we were both still remarking about the strange texture, though it is fascinating how they got that texture from gummi. I might actually get some of the melon ones from you as I love yubari melon it would be interesting to see if I liked them any better than the strawberry ones.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. :)

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