Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tirol Hokkaido Cheese Premium チロル 北海道チーズ

Jason @ napaJapan kept teasing me with the line "I've got some Hokkaido cheese chocolate coming in soon". Music to my ears... and SO tempting.

If you love Hokkaido as much as I do then I know you will be thrilled about trying this Tirol Hokkaido Cheese premium chocolate.

This Tirol chocolate is larger than the regular size. Yasu couldn't get over it, because Tirol is his favourite childhood chocolate and they didn't have premium size back then. Plus, he's a Hokkaido-jin so the Hokkaido cheese factor makes it even better for him.

The cheese Tirol to the left is bigger than the regular size.

Hokkaido Cheese is the best! I've seen a few reviews online and people have trashed it - I totally disagree with their taste. This Tirol is the essence of Hokkaido, creamy, dairy, cheesy, fromage-y. :)

It has a lovely yellow coloured outer chocolate that tastes creamy and chocolatey. The inside is a strong cheese taste in a biscuit - but the biscuit is soft and melts in the mouth. Yummm. Lucky I got given 10 of these beauties because one is just not enough!

If you're a wimp when it comes to cheese - don't try it. If you like your cheese rich and creamy with a big of strength then this is for you.

Brand: Tirol
Calories per piece: 51
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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Tirol! Although I've only had three flavors(which I will do reviews on later). I love how tiny they are(;

Oooh premium. So lucky! *[]*
I probably will never be able to find these around. >.>"

I would definitely want to try this though. As I love cheese(:

Tasty Japan said...

I hope you can find these.. they are definitely worth it :) Can't wait for your Tirol reviews :)

Anonymous said...

I actually do have a question that I can use your help on(:
What does しゅわしゅわ translate into? I know it's a "sound"...I found it before, but not I forgot it and I can't look it up again.
Also, does ひやひや translate into "chilly" or something close to that?
Thanks in advanced(:

ebidebby said...

I'm sorry I didn't like it! I'm not a big fan of cheesecake either...maybe it's because I'm lactose intolerant - if I convince myself I don't like it, I won't feel like I'm missing out!

Tasty Japan said...

haha you don't have to be sorry you don't like it ;) each to their own! :) and being lactose intolerant! i didn't know that.. does that inhibit what chocolate you can eat? or just things concerning dairy?

しゅわしゅわ - sounds of bubbles, like a fizzy drink
ひやひや - scared/thrilled/cold depending on how you use it.

Flix Expert said...

The cheese tirol is a little tasty and a little cheezy. I may buy that when I'm in USA(when I grow up) and I 70% like cheesecake. Cuz these are really filled with Hokkaido. BTW, what does a hokkaido look like?

Kelly said...

Hokkaido is part of Japan, the country. It's a place.

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