Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Collon Strawberry & Blueberry

When I picked up this box I thought it was Blueberry Collon. When I got it home I realised it's strawberry with blueberry mixed in. There is 9.2% strawberry juice, and 2.6% blueberry juice. Why the .2 and .6? Why not round it up to 10 and 3?

There are 6 packets in total in this box. That said, they are really small packets with only 6 collon pieces per pack. Just like the Cheesecake Collon, these are a waste of packaging, and a waste of money for only 24 pieces of Collon.

So why did I buy them? Curiousity about the flavour I guess. I like blueberry and I don't see it used in much confectionery.

The pieces smell very much like the regular strawberry collon. At the beginning there is the taste of strawberry which kind of blends into a light blueberry flavour, that ends with a tart strawberry tang. I quite like this in that the flavours of both berries are light, and blend together well. Each collon is finished off with that tangy burst at the end, which is nice. The outer shell is crunchy but easy to eat.

This snack is really easy to eat because It's not overly sweet and it has that satisfying crunch of the cookie on the outside. I wish there were more than 6 in each small pack though.

I guess these are really good for children's bento boxes in Japan or a small treat to carry in your handbag or such. The box can definitely made smaller and still fit all 6 bags in. I guess this is Glico's way of justifying charging more. I paid $4.95 for this box, compared to the regular size collon at $3.95.


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